New Client Welcome Sheet

The First Visit….

Welcome to Westbridge Veterinary Hospital. We have built our hospital with you and your little one in mind. We will put our years of experience and caring service to work for your pet. Please take a moment to fill in some details for us:

My Information:

If someone has referred you to us, could you let us know so we can thank them?

My Pet’s Information:

Assisting with my Pet:

Our Technicians and Animal Care Attendants are specially trained to assist the veterinarian while examining your pet. You are welcome to assist holding your pet during an examination if you wish, but must accept the responsibility for the risk if your pet bites or scratches you, or any of your family members, while at our hospital.

I authorize the veterinarian to examine, prescribe for or treat my pet. I understand I am responsible for all charges incurred in the care of my pet and that these charges will be paid in full at the time of provision of services.