Behavioral Consultation

We offer an extended consultation for certain behavioral difficulties. Time with a professional veterinarian can help to uncover the individual “quirks” and personality traits of your particular pet. Some pets develop unwanted or troublesome behaviors, such as house soiling, unwanted barking, digging, spraying, stress/anxiety, dominance, or aggression. Please see our Library for specific concerns.

The goal of our assistance is to help make your pet as trustworthy as possible. Although these conditions may be behavioral, we may first have to rule out any possible underlying medical problems. A physical examination, diagnostic testing such as blood work, urinalysis, and discussion can help identify the cause of the problem as well as possible solutions. We may also suggest referral to a specialist when necessary.

We can help get you started on a good foundation early in your pet’s life. Our puppy and kitten examinations include a 45 minute consultation to address issues.