Percutaneous Diuresis (Fluids for Kidney Patients)

GIF tube and Skin Button

Some pets with kidney failure can benefit from the placement of a GIF tube or Skin Button. These allow for home treatment of animals, with sterile fluids placed painlessly under the skin. The fluids help to maintain hydration, and help to flush toxins out of the animal’s body. These systems have been shown to improve the quality of life in many pets. The GIF tube (above) has a connector and a tube that goes under the skin.

The inserted GIF tube port is seen here on the left and the skin button is to the right hand side of the page. Both systems are positioned in the vicinity of a cat’s shoulders. The differences between the two systems are on how the port is sealed plus its profile above the skin. Some cats will reject the silicone port within two weeks time but for those that do accept them they can remain functional for many months at a time. Our longest acting port lasted almost 5 years time without the need for replacement.

An illustration of subcutaneous fluids being administered through a SKIN BUTTON.