Diagnostic Imaging

We feel that the service of Ultrasonography provides crucial information for the proper diagnosis in many of our cases. We have specially designed our practice to provide a centre solely for the purpose of diagnostic imaging.

Both Abdominal and Cardiac Ultrasonography studies are done on site. Two of our veterinarians are able to provide advanced ultrasound services. One is a current consultant for other veterinarians on the Veterinary Information Network and offer interpretative advice to other clinicians around the globe.

Ultrasound is a non invasive diagnostic tool that enables the veterinarian to look into the body and obtain detailed information about different organ systems with amazing clarity.

The photo collage above demonstrates how the ultrasound image (above left) correlates closely with the kidney tumor (above right) as it was detected during an ultrasound examination. The affected organ was then removed through surgery.

Veterinary Ultrasound at Animal Clinic