Laboratory Area

The laboratory areas of the hospital allow us to perform some of our diagnostic tests with more accuracy. Case in point when we are collecting ultrasound guided biopsies. After collecting the samples, we can do a preliminary analysis of the tissues obtained in order to ensure that we have diagnostic samples. These are then sent out to an outside lab facicality for further interpretation. This reduces the need for repeat sampling keeping in mind that pets are often under the influence of a general anesthetic while collecting their biopsies. This helps reduce costs and stress for our clients.

Our in house ability to get Stat blood biochemistry results can be indispensable when working up a critically ill patient.

Keeping in line with our focus on client communication we have installed a digital system to our microscope in order that we can review cellular findings with the owners. This direct hand on approach has proven itself invaluable when explaining a pet’s ailment.

Examples of the digital display from our microscope.