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Concerns Regarding Flea/Tick Medication Side-Effects, Harmful Grain-Free Diets and Cannabis Use in Pets

We like to update our valued clients if we have received questions or concerns raised from topics circulating in public media.

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Bug Bites and Stings

Bug bites and stings can happen during any season. Most often they will just cause some discomfort, redness, itching and swelling.

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House-Training Your Puppy

House-training Routine is the best way for puppies to learn, choose one site and one site only!

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Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

Ah, summer… The time of year when everyone is headed up north, out to the lake, or getting together in social gatherings.

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Dental Disease is a Real and Serious Issue

Dentistry for pets? If you had asked my grandparents they would have thought it was a scam.

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