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House-Training Your Puppy

House-training Routine is the best way for puppies to learn, choose one site and one site only!

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Clicker Training

Clicker training is based on Positive Reinforcement. This means you reward the good behaviour instead of punishing the bad behaviour.

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Dog Park Etiquette

Summer is here! That means enjoying the warm weather and getting more exercise and playtime!

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Baby Teeth in Puppies and Kittens

When we think about dental disease or dental problems in our pets, the image that comes to mind most often is that of an older pet.

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Possessive Aggression in our Dogs

One form of aggression in our pets that often goes excused is possessive aggression, and it commonly manifests itself with puppies as it is passed as being ‘cute’.

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The Advantages of Digital X-ray

Digital radiography has revolutionized diagnostic capabilities, offering higher contrast images with significantly less x-ray exposure for both patients and staff. This technology reduces the need for retakes due to incorrect settings, as images can be digitally manipulated, further minimizing radiation exposure. Additionally, digital radiography is much more environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for film and harmful chemicals, thereby reducing medical waste and environmental impact.

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