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Dog Park Etiquette

Summer is here! That means enjoying the warm weather and getting more exercise and playtime!

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Heartworm Q & A

We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers about heartworms for new and seasoned pet owners.

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Tick Troubles

Ticks are troublesome creatures. Our pets can pick these up by walking in long grass, in your back yard or in the woods; anywhere where ticks live and breed.

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Understanding Aging

We celebrate our senior pets! Even if you don’t have one currently, there may come a day when you look at your furry best friend and realize they have a grey muzzle.

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Mosquito Prevention

As we look forward with expectation to a wonderful summer so, unfortunately, do parasites and pests.

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Dog thinking about ticks and fleas

Year-round protection means more peace of mind!

“Tick season” used to mean spring/summer/fall, with a break over the winter – the colder weather meant that we could take a break from worrying about these pesky bugs and the diseases they can transmit. But in the last few years, we’ve seen a change creeping up on us, with the weather staying warm later into the season, and spring arriving earlier each year – and the bugs are loving it!

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