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Dental Disease is a Real and Serious Issue

Dentistry for pets? If you had asked my grandparents they would have thought it was a scam. But back then dogs and cats lived outside, ate bones and left overs, worked and hunted and if they did live until old age it was often without all their teeth.

Times have changed. Many dogs look a whole lot different than the large shepherd/collie cross farm dog of years gone by. Our little Yorkies and Chihuahuas are a long way from their wolf-like ancestors. Our purebred cats and indoor “couch-potatoes” have dental problems that the hunters of the past never dreamed of. Dental disease is a real and serious issue.

Today, many of our pets have dental disease by the time they are two years old. Cute, smaller faces mean less room for teeth. Crowding and rotation in the mouth makes our modern pets more prone to gummy tartar and hard calculus. And what we see on the surface is only a part of the problem. Think of our pet’s teeth like an iceberg. Long roots are hidden below the gum, and this bacterial ridden plaque tracks infection well below where we can visually see it. This is why dental radiographs are crucial for every pet.

Please have your pet’s teeth checked frequently for signs of dental disease and have a dental prophylaxis done if needed. You will both be happy you did!



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