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Sometimes illness requires a stay in the hospital. If your pet needs to stay with us for a few days, he or she will be monitored by our doctors, veterinary technicians and animal care attendants during regular clinic hours. After hours he or she may stay overnight if stable, or we may recommend transferring to the local emergency hospital if your pet requires closer supervision.

Our hospital offers an Intensive Care area, with oxygen and flow heated kennels, soft bedding, and regular cleaning and bathing if needed. See Hospital Tour.

You are of course welcome to come visit while your pet is in hospital!


The Advantages of Digital X-ray

Digital radiography has revolutionized diagnostic capabilities, offering higher contrast images with significantly less x-ray exposure for both patients and staff. This technology reduces the need for retakes due to incorrect settings, as images can be digitally manipulated, further minimizing radiation exposure. Additionally, digital radiography is much more environmentally friendly, eliminating the need for film and harmful chemicals, thereby reducing medical waste and environmental impact.

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