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Senior dog

Senior Dog Care

Our older patients have different needs. They may require a different diet, a change in vaccines, or medications to help them live longer and happier lives. Routine blood and urine testing at this stage of life will go a long way toward detecting manageable diseases.

At Westbridge Veterinary Hospital, we are experienced in geriatric care. Click here to find an ideal list of exams and tests that your senior pet should receive yearly for optimum care.

When is a dog considered a senior pet?

Although it depends on the breed, we generally consider our dogs to be at the senior level around 7 years of age.

How should I care for my senior dog?

Just like us humans, our pets can benefit from a well-balanced diet, and physical exercise. Specific concerns or symptoms should be discussed with your Veterinarian.


Dog thinking about ticks and fleas

Year-round protection means more peace of mind!

“Tick season” used to mean spring/summer/fall, with a break over the winter – the colder weather meant that we could take a break from worrying about these pesky bugs and the diseases they can transmit. But in the last few years, we’ve seen a change creeping up on us, with the weather staying warm later into the season, and spring arriving earlier each year – and the bugs are loving it!

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