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Two surgeons performing a surgery

Surgery Service for Dogs

What types of surgical services do you provide for dogs?

Soft Tissue and Laser Surgery

Hands of a surgeon performing a surgery

Laser surgery is available for many procedures. The use of laser has been shown to significantly reduce swelling, reduce pain by sealing nerve endings, and reduce bleeding by sealing blood vessels. Laser is beneficial for almost every procedure, from spays and neuters to tumour removal or soft palate surgery.

Two veterinary staff members performing a surgery

The handheld laser tip allows the surgeon to perform very delicate and precise incisions. This is especially true when removing tumours in organs such as the pancreas.

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What does a typical surgery day for my dog look like?

Please see our spay video below.

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Dog thinking about ticks and fleas

Year-round protection means more peace of mind!

“Tick season” used to mean spring/summer/fall, with a break over the winter – the colder weather meant that we could take a break from worrying about these pesky bugs and the diseases they can transmit. But in the last few years, we’ve seen a change creeping up on us, with the weather staying warm later into the season, and spring arriving earlier each year – and the bugs are loving it!

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