Intra Occular Eye Pressure Testing (Glaucoma)

One of the many services that we offer to pets on site is a gentle technique to determine pressure within the eye. This is critical when trying to assess the early stages of GLAUCOMA, a condition that can cause pain and blindness. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to this. Early detection of any significant increase in eye pressure is essential to a positive outcome when treated.

We offer preventive, bi-annually testing for selective breeds that are pre-disposed to the disease. Breeds that are predisposed include; Cocker Spaniels, Chow Chow, Welsh springer spaniel, Bassett hound, Great Dane, Samoyed, Bouvier, Beagle, Norwegian Elkhound, and Flat-coated Retrievers.

The image of the eye represents a classic appearance of glaucoma in a dog.