Vaccinations provide important protection against serious diseases. In the past several years, however, new information has shown that certain vaccines may not need to be given every year. At Westbridge Veterinary Hospital, we discuss vaccines with you and suggest an alternate protocol based on your pets’ specific lifestyle, and risk of exposure to certain bacteria and viruses. We will only administer and recommend vaccines that are specifically necessary for your pet and your lifestyle together.

Most of our core vaccines are on a 3 or 4 year cycle. As an alternative, for certain vaccines such as distemper and parvovirus, titer testing is also available for any pet that has a history of any sensitivity towards it’s vaccines. Titer testing involves sending a blood sample from your pet to a specialized laboratory where they can measure the level of antibodies for specific pathogens, which can be reflective of their level of protection. Based on these levels, we may be able to more accurately determine if your pet requires additional vaccination.

We believe in minimal vaccination, and vaccinating for only what is appropriate for each individual, based on the intricacies of their lifestyle.

Click here to see an example of our recommended canine vaccine schedule.

Click here to see an example of our recommended feline vaccine schedule.