We remain open to provide care for your pets. We are following the direction of government and regulatory authorities and have implemented hospital and visit protocols to keep both you and our team safe. For regular updates on our hours and visit protocols, please follow our social media platforms.

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The Value Of Education

One of the great joys of veterinary medicine is that we are always learning. New techniques, tools, and treatment options are constantly being developed and keeping current directly benefits our patients.

At Westbridge Veterinary Hospital, our entire team is dedicated to continuing education. We all take great pride in bringing new knowledge to share with our co-workers and helping our hospital provide the best care possible. Team members frequently attend conferences, and we bring educators on site on a regular basis. In this past year alone our veterinarians have attended the OVMA (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association) conference, the NAVC (North American Veterinary Conference), and the VIN (Veterinary Information Network) Conference, our technicians have attended the OAVT (Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians) conference, the Clinical Animal Behaviour Conference, and the Dental Forum, and our Animal Care Attendants have attended nutrition conferences. Our Client Care receptionists have attended management and the OVMA “Boot Camp” conference. We are a busy group!

Some of our veterinary technicians are pursuing specialties. Our Head Technician, Becky, has been working on her Veterinary Technician Specialty for dentistry. This involves multiple authoring many case reports and spending hours mentoring with veterinary specialists. The knowledge that she has brought to Westbridge has helped continue to our high standard of veterinary dental care. Once she finished her certification, Becky will be among a very select group. Currently there are no Veterinary Technician Dental Specialists in Ontario, and just one other in all of Canada.

Another of our Veterinary Technicians, Rachael, is pursuing her specialty in animal behaviour. As part of her training she has been involved in learning how to make our clinic a low stress environment for the pets that we see. We have separate examination rooms for dogs and cats, and separate kennel areas for them. We have a new “Cat Carrier Parking” area in reception to allow our feline friends to be off the floor and away from other pets. She is currently pursuing “Fear Free” Certification.

Corrin, another of our Veterinary Technicians instructs at Sheridan College in Diagnostic Imaging and is constantly learning to pursue her love of teaching.

Continuing Education isn’t just for our technicians – our Doctors love to learn too! Dr Rosamund has completed her examinations in Traditional Chinese Herbal Veterinary Medicine, and will also be attending the International Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Conference this summer. This will focus on pediatrics, geriatrics, rehabilitation, and end-of-life Care. Dr Morin recently attended the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida; one of the largest veterinary gatherings in North American. Dr. Hylands continues to teach basic and advanced ultrasound to other veterinarians across Canada, and travels to California yearly to attend the Diagnostic Imaging Conference with the Veterinary Information Network. Dr. Buller has finished over five years of teaching Veterinary Technician students at Sheridan College, and continues to advance her interest in oncology to clients and their pets going through cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Ongoing learning means a veterinary hospital with a team where everyone is not just dedicated to providing the highest level of care – we are passionate about it!



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Westbridge Veterinary Hospital has received reports of leptospirosis cases from other veterinary hospitals in the GTA.

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COVID-19: Additional measures we are taking

Dear Clients,

We are all aware of the concerns and rapidly changing situation with COVID-19. Due to the close public contact that our work requires, we have taken necessary measures to protect our clients, our staff and work hard to ensure we can continue to provide excellent care for our patients.

The following changes are effective as of Wednesday, March 18, 2020:

1. If you have travelled outside Canada or come in contact with anyone who has travelled outside Canada in the past 3 weeks, or if you are feeling unwell, (coughing, fever, fatigue, etc.), please contact our clinic. We will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment or help arrange to see your pet safely.

2. We are currently operating a "closed-door" policy to protect our clients and staff. When you arrive, please remain in your vehicle and use your cell phone to call us at 905-285-0002. We will take a history by phone, and bring your pet into the clinic for an examination with the veterinarian. We will then return to your vehicle with your pet and you will get another call from the Doctor to discuss our recommended treatment plan.

3. We are continuing to accept appointments for urgent or sick pets, as well as time-sensitive puppy/kitten vaccinations. All other services will be scheduled for a later time.

4. We are still OPEN with the following hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm & Saturday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.

5. If you are ordering food or medications, please allow 4-6 business days as our suppliers are dealing with increased demand and are trying to fill orders as quickly as possible. We will advise you as soon as your order arrives. Please call us when you arrive to pick up your order, but do not enter the clinic. Our staff will bring your order to your car and take payment from your vehicle.

6. For the time being, we are not accepting cash as payment. Credit cards and debit card payments are still available.

7. Following the recommendations of our government and medical experts, we are doing our best to practice social distancing within the constraints of our jobs. We have taken these measures to avoid both contracting and facilitating the spread of this virus.

Thank you for helping us be diligent for everyone's safety. As we have heard from all levels of government, the situation is fluid, and any updates will be provided as changes occur.

Your dedicated team at Westbridge Veterinary Hospital